Michael Miller's Training Regime:

• Age 64 and a serious bike rider since 2004.

• How long will it take to ride 129 miles? Michael estimates it will take 11-12 hours over one long day.

• Previous best was a ride of 9,500 feet (this tour is 15,000 feet of climbing).

• Training has included roughly 100-150 miles per week.

• For example, a Saturday ride has included a 6,000 feet climb over 60 miles.

• Will be the elder statesman in his group, joining a 43-year old and 54-year old as riding companions on the day.

• And oh, BTW, that mountain range below? That is what Michael is climbing!

Join me as I ride in memory of my late wife Melinda.

The "Tour de California" will entail:

• July 11, 2014 through the Sierra Nevada, South of Lake Tahoe.

• 129-mile bike ride over five peaks.

• Ascends and Descends through five mountain passes, including the 8,730-foot Ebbetts Pass, the 8,580-foot Carson Pass and the 8,314-foot Monitor Pass.

• The ride has been occurring since 1981 running through CA-4, CA-88 and CA-89 with 3,500 riders registered.

• Riders from two dozen countries, from ages 14 to 84, totaling over 3,500 riders

As you all know Melinda was passionate about musical theater,  In her early years she choreographed and taught dance at CMT.

Life has come full circle as I now have the same passion for the same organization.

Please consider supporting my ride, benefiting CMT and honoring Melinda’s love of the arts.